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I like the synths in this

But I reckon to make it really powerful dubstep, you'd need some intense punchy drum samples. I'd recommend the vengeance drum sample packs. This is a fucking sweet song though, nice work.


Kdrishe responds:

I just got Reason Drum Kits 2.0, but after making this song, so I haven't got a chance to use them yet. I will definitely check that out, though. I'm always looking to gain that little extra punch. Thanks!

I like

Okay, I thought, great intro, sweet piano melodies, punchy drum sounds, nice leads, clear mixing.

The main thing I think you should work on more for this song is that wobble bass. I'd personally say leave out the automation/lfo/whatever is is controlling the filter, and just leave the bass as a dirty "reese" sound. Then, to keep it interesting I'd say put over some really haunting reverbed vocal samples in the odd place. You don't need a wobble bass for it to be dubstep, and I love the parts without the wobble, but in my opinion that wobble is a bit too "cheesy dubstep" sound.

That's all just my opinion though, and it was worth a download. Stay proud of it- the people you've showed are right to love it, I'm just giving a suggestion for what to do next.

Reali-tGlitch responds:

I know that it doesn't need wobble (and a decent number of mine don't), but to my ears it just worked for a little variation. We all have different tastes, and this one suited mine just fine. Thanks for the suggestions, though. I might use that backverb/reverb idea.


I think it's proven that sentient life lives pretty much nowhere near earth. Apparently it's almost definite that life in some form does exist somewhere, but the chances that we'll ever come into contact with them are next to nothing. But it's definitely good to think about the possibility of it. . .

Anyway, this song is pretty beautiful- sounds like something out of "cafe del mar"- have they influenced you at all? I now feel the need to make extremely chilled music. Haha, the guitar and piano work really nicely together. Did you record yourself really playing guitar? It sounds pretty organic.

10/10 5/5, nice work.

KKSlider60 responds:

The possibility of extraterrestrial sentient life is thrilling but unfortunately out of our reach... because of the immense distance between them and our primitive technology. Imagining such thing is surely a great opportunity for further inspiration.

Never heard of "cafe del mar" by the way, but I'll listen to it now.
Everything you hear is completely synthesized, and I rarely record something - whether it's my voice or me "playing". XD
Thank you for the compliments and review ^^

Evening chaps. These are my musics. I don't know what kind of music to make so I just make a lot.

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