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Did an Xkore remixxxx

2011-12-17 22:15:39 by BulimicLemur

Xkore is the bomb, he's the king of newgrounds audio, looking down on us from his castle way up in the land of UKF Dubstep. Thus I, a humble knight of his realm, have given him tribute by creating this remix. Hopefully people like it too. :D

Original, yet fat sounding dubstep is boss, and that's what we're all trying to go for.

My favourite "sound" of any EDM artist is Feed me/Spor. He is the future of this music. He does not imitate. He innovates. We must all aspire to do the same. In my Xkore remix, I was sort of trying to mix their two styles together for awesomeness, unfortunately I'm not that good, but still it sounds OK. :P

I wish I knew how to master music properly eh. evermind.


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2011-12-27 00:13:22

It'x xKore, not Xkore, you darn goof.

BulimicLemur responds:

Oh shit! I'm such a goof!